Trade & Vocational Diploma Programs

Appliance Repair Career Diploma
Get training in how to repair clothes dryers and washers, ranges, ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, and sealed refrigerators and freezers. And, every course includes sections on smart appliances.

Auto Repair Career Diploma
Penn Foster’s Automotive Repair Technician Program, developed by ASE Master Technicians and leading experts in the field of automotive technology, will teach you relevant skills and subject matter.

Construction Trades Career Diploma
Learn how to create construction drawings, understand building codes, select lumber, building materials, and fasteners, work with floors, walls, stairs, and roof frames, and so much more.

Diesel Mechanics Career Diploma
This program gives you the skills you need to get started fixing diesel engines. Learn everything from tuning an engine to a complete overhaul. Get “hands-on” training and receive the ASE Test Preparation Series.

Electronics Technician Career Diploma
Prepare for exciting opportunities in fast-growing industries like computers, cable TV, satellites and communications, broadcasting, and many more.

Furniture and Cabinet Maker Career Diploma
Learn woodworking techniques and create beautiful pieces of furniture in just a few months! Your program includes fine woodworking, wood processing, setting up your workplace, tools and materials, design, refinishing, and more.

Gunsmith Career Diploma
Learn how to accurize, repair, and customize. How to fit and finish stocks and mount telescopic sights. How to restore antique firearms. How to design and install metallic rifle sights, and more.

Home Remodeling and Repair Career Diploma
Save money or start a new career. Learn how to evaluate interiors and exteriors, inspect building materials, prepare sites, insulate foundations, frame floors, walls, and stairs, and much more.

HVAC Technician Career Diploma
Learn how to operate, manage, sell, manufacture, install, and service all types of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

Industrial Supervision – Associate Degree
Designed for those looking to advance their careers or join the workforce in supervisory roles. Courses cover principals of management, supervision and leadership, industrial safety, and more.

Jewelry Design and Repair Career Diploma
Your program includes common repairs done by jewelers, colored gemstones, diamonds, and jewelry design, and how to start your own home-based business.

Landscaping Technology Career Diploma
Learn about plant health, soil, and fertilizers, how to service equipment, how to use shrubs and ground covers, and create specialty landscaping; even how to start and operate your own landscaping business.

Locksmith & Home Security Technician Career Diploma
Our online Locksmith and Home Security Technician Training Program is designed with career readiness in mind. Through interactive lessons, simulations, and how-to videos, you’ll build the foundational knowledge and skills that can help you prepare for a career as a locksmith or home security professional.

Motorcycle Repair Technician Career Diploma
Learn types of engine design, carburetion, electrical systems… as well as how to adjust and repair the frame, wheels, shocks, transmission, valves – everything from routine maintenance to major overhauls.

Plumber Career Diploma
Interpret construction drawings and specifications; assemble, install, test, and maintain plumbing systems, repair and maintain water heating systems; install and troubleshoot the plumbing for dishwashers, and more.

Residential Electrician Career Diploma
Learn the classifications and categories of electricity, conduit fittings, installation, and heating and lighting practices for home, business, and industry.

Small Engine Repair Career Diploma
Acquire the skills to troubleshoot and repair engine components and systems, learn ignition systems and electrical circuits; repair fuel systems, and work with two-stroke, four-stroke, outboard, and riding mower engines.

Travel Agent Career Diploma
Prepare for a job through gaining relevant knowledge and skills such as using a reservation system, arranging all modes of transportation for travel, booking hotels, recommending popular tourist destinations, and more.

Wildlife/Forestry Conservation Career Diploma
Turn your love of the outdoors into a rewarding career. You’ll learn wildlife law enforcement and population management, forest ecology and protection, park and recreational facility operation, field equipment, and more.