Affordable Tuition

Penn Foster is happy to provide you with a tuition that fits your budget, and will give you access to a broad spectrum of payment options.

Pay in Full

If you pay the full tuition in advance, you receive a substantial discount off of the regular tuition rate, and this once-a-semester expense will provide you with course enrollment, course materials, and dedicated faculty support. This is easily the most expedient and economic method.

Payment Plans

If the one-time payment is not to your liking, Penn Foster is ready to assist you in creating automatic payment plans through your bank, or by personal check. This too will cover your costs of tuition as well as faculty support and supervision. We can customize the payment plans to meet your needs, providing you with flexibility. To find out more about our affordable tuition and flexible payment plans, call us at 1-888-427-1600 to speak with an admissions specialist.

The Penn Foster education is focused on your career first. And at a very reasonable expense, we have been helping students become professionals for over 125 years. Consider us the portal to your education, on the road to your own significant achievement. With an affordable payment plan that covers everything you will need, you will be part a vast community of over 133,000 Penn Foster Alumni. And owing to our extensive online offerings, in the Penn Foster Community, you can maintain your current job and lifestyle while garnering a degree or certification, using work-at-your-own-pace curriculum, supported by professional instructors and classmates.