Empowering Students to Reach Their Full Potential

Penn Foster has an established system, enabling all students to achieve their full potential. Our tools and dedicated social network, insure they acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed and advance in their chosen career, allowing them to provide significant returns to family and community.

At Penn Foster students will benefit from the support of caring and highly qualified instructors, who have professional experience in each subject. Combined with digital and web-based learning assistants, and an excellent Career Services program, you will select a program that is based upon your own goals and ambition, and then work at a pace that is best suited for you to your own unique situation.

Penn Foster will be there every step of the way, helping you earn your diploma, certificate or degree, and providing you the kind of education that allows you to command your own destiny.

Your Penn Foster program is available on all platforms, so you study anywhere and everywhere; it’s convenient, easy to use, and extremely effective. Now you can study in every free moment, maximizing your productivity.

Short Lessons
Here at Penn Foster, we understand how busy you are. Our high school diploma program is organized into very short, detailed, and extremely manageable lessons. This makes it much easier to complete for those that are working other full-time jobs, or have demanding family commitments. Do a few minutes of a lesson, hit pause, and then return later and sign on, right where you left off. Easy.

Progress-Tracking and Goal-Setting
Our goal-setting programs are customizable to your individual needs. So, if you are looking for a standard, extended, or even an accelerated program, we will help you set-up and then stick to your plan, just like any good coach would! If you need to make adjustments, no problem at all, you can make changes at any time.

Fun and Interactive Learning
All of our programs have self-checks and flash card reviews built right into the system. These will help you to monitor your progress and to track your learning success. This feedback happens regularly in real time, so you need to ever worry. These checkpoints will give you extra confidence, and assure success on your exams.

Quality Education that Fits Your Life
By enrolling at Penn Foster you are assured career-focused knowledge and skill-based learning, not just academic coursework. You would begin learning valuable job skills online, and immediately. Our open enrollment policy, means you can enter at any time, from any place your may be, and in minutes you are processed and begin your lessons.

There are no strict schedules at Penn Foster. Instead we help you guide yourself at your own comfortable pace. Our goal-setting and progress-tracking tools are key to this design, and are the reason you will stay organized and in control. You will select the study plan that fits your needs, then track your own progress, setting the alerts for due dates of assignments, exams, and student responses.

If you ever have questions or need to communicate with the instructor, you will have their email and phone numbers. At Penn Foster their student support is unlimited, and we encourage you to contact them as often as you need.

At the end of every lesson is a test, what we call an examination. These exams are done through your Learner Center on the Penn Foster website. It’s easy. And after you have submitted your exam online, you’ll quickly receive a grade and instructor feedback. Once your passing grade is registered, you can move to the next lesson, and then the next course in your program.

Upon the completion of your passing coursework, and with all tuition payments completed, you will receive your high school diploma, or college degree, and you will be a certified graduate and alumnus of Penn Foster!