Technology Degree & Diploma Programs

Computer Graphic Artist Career Diploma
Put your creativity to work. Take advantage of new opportunities in graphic arts. Learn Adobe& Illustrator& and the graphic design skills you need quickly and conveniently.

Computer Information Systems – Associate Degree
Earn your degree as a computer science professional. Learn PC applications, network protocols, database technology, systems analysis and design, JavaT programming and more.

Construction Technology – Associate Degree
Earn your Degree in Construction Technology. Learn about construction materials and methods, technical drawings, construction planning and control, green building practices, and much more.

Electronics Technician Career Diploma
Prepare for exciting opportunities in fast-growing industries like computers, cable TV, satellites and communications, broadcasting, and many more.

Engineering Technology – Associate Degree
Become an Engineering Technician by earning your degree from Penn Foster College. Learn manufacturing materials and processes, engineering mechanics, quality control systems, drafting with AutoCAD,® and much more.

Graphic Design – Associate Degree
Learn the latest skills that businesses and advertising agencies look for. Even start your own design firm.

Industrial Electronics and Electrical Maintenance Technology – Associate Degree
Learn how to troubleshoot, test, and maintain electrical and electronic equipment used to manufacture communication equipment, radar, navigational equipment, and computers.

IT Support Specialist – Career Diploma
Skilled people are needed right now to repair personal computers. Learn diagnostics, troubleshooting, basic electronic circuitry, and more. Take advantage of the incredible employment opportunities in this fast-growing field.