Health Care Diploma Programs

Certified Personal Trainer Career Diploma
Become a Certified Personal Trainer. You’ll receive a complete training program covering fitness and nutrition to exercise testing and lifestyle evaluation.

Dental Assistant Career Diploma
Learn how to manage the dental office, schedule appointments and update patient records. Your lessons include Dental Terminology and Anatomy, Nutrition, Disease Transmission, Pathology, Dental Emergencies, and more.

Home Health Care Aide
Our Home Health Aide program aligns to and exceeds the minimum Federal requirements for Home Health Aide training, including a required externship which allows students to gain supervised practical experience in the Home Health Care field.

Medical Administrative Assistant Career Diploma
Join the fast-growing health-care field! Work with doctors. Master valuable office skills and get specialized medical knowledge like anatomy, pharmacology, lab procedure, and much more.

Medical Coding and Billing Career Diploma
Learn billing and medical codes, creating paper records, generating billing statements, researching and auditing claims, body system terminology, advanced pharmacology, and more. Train to work with HMOs and other forms of insurance organizations, and much more!

Medical Transcriptionist Career Diploma
Train at home for an in-demand career in health care. Work for hospitals or doctors’ offices, full- or part-time. Learn how to produce medical reports and documents, discharge summaries, operative reports; progress notes and more. The program also covers law and ethics in medicine and confidentiality of health records.

Occupational Therapy Aide Career Diploma
Break into a fast-growing health-care career. Learn medical and body system terminology, the components of adaptive equipment, and therapeutic treatment. Help patients improve their quality of life, return to their jobs, or gain new independence.

Optician Career Diploma
Take the first step toward a job in an optical dispensary or laboratory, an optometrist’s or ophthalmologist’s office, a hospital or clinical setting, or a retail optical store.

Pharmacy Technician Career Diploma
Start toward a moneymaking career in health care. Step-by-step lessons teach you how to work with pharmaceuticals for hospitals, pharmacies, and wherever pharmacy technicians are needed.

Physical Therapy Aide Career Diploma
Start a career in health care, helping patients improve their mobility and keep injuries from turning into permanent disabilities. No other career can give you the same feeling of accomplishment!

Veterinary Assistant Career Diploma
Learn animal nursing, emergency care, veterinary terminology, nutrition, handling and restraint, breeding, physical examination, aging, and more.

Medical Terminology

Learn to identify medical words and terms by their component parts; define body structure and its systems, planes, cavities, and positions. And you can complete this Medical Terminology program in as little as 3 months!

Anatomy & Physiology
The program begins with an introduction to anatomy and its various branches, followed by a study of cells, organs, tissues, chemical organization, and body systems. Your studies continue with the study of the human body with emphasis on body systems, and special topics including pregnancy and human development.

Fitness & Nutrition
Take the first steps toward a better or new career as a fitness or nutrition trainer or staff member at a health club – or even start your own business as a fitness-nutrition specialist!

Health Care Management – Associate Degree
Medical Assistant – Associate Degree
Pharmacy Technician Professional