Pet Grooming – Dog Grooming Certificate Program

If you love animals, why not pursue a career that allows you to work with them each day? Study to become a dog groomer with Penn Foster’s online Pet and Dog Grooming Program. 

  • This program helps prepare you for a job as a pet groomer working in a humane society, veterinary clinic, pet store, or kennel.
  • Employment for animal care and service workers is in high demand.
  • Penn Foster offers mobile-friendly courses, goal-setting tools, virtual simulations, and more to help you succeed.
  • Our online programs are flexible enough for you to finish them at a pace that works for you, based on how much time you can dedicate to your coursework each week.

What You Will Learn

  1. The basics of dog and cat grooming.
  2. The different types of breeds and coats.
  3. An understanding of animal anatomy, personalities, and behavior.
  4. How to groom dogs for the sporting group, herding group, hound group, working group, and more.

Dog and pet grooming consists of working with dogs, cats, and other animals to bathe, shampoo, trim or shape fur, and clip nails. Generally, their goal is to make sure the animal looks and feels good, and that the pet’s human is happy with the job. But becoming a pet groomer involves more than knowing how to give your fluffy best friends a bath and trim their nails without getting scratched up. While many employers do offer on-the-job training once you’re hired, getting to that point can take some background or education to help you stand out among other applicants and feel confident in your work from day one.

With our online Pet Grooming Certificate program you’ll strengthen your knowledge of human’s best friends and gain skills that can prepare you to tackle whatever tangled knot comes your way. Your courses include

  • Introduction to Dogs and Cats. You’ll cover the different types and personalities of dogs and cats, as well as basic anatomy and animal healthcare.
  • Pre-grooming Procedures. You don’t just jump right in with the shears or nail clippers when you’re a pet groomer. You’ll learn about the different equipment and tools you’ll use, combing and brushing techniques, and more.
  • Cat Grooming. Dogs aren’t the only companion animals that need grooming. While cats generally do take care of their own grooming needs, long-haired cats often get matted fur and other issues that are best resolved by someone with experience. And who doesn’t love a spa day?

Does dog grooming require a license?

Grooming doesn’t require you to earn a license to work in the field if you’re working for a company or pet boutique. Some states do require groomers who own their own business to have a business license or facility license, but these requirements can vary from state to state.

Certification, also, isn’t necessary to work as a groomer, but it’s always a good addition to your resume. Completing the National Dog Groomer’s Association of America (NDGAA) exam allows you to be recognized as a National Certified Master Groomer. Besides having an official title, certification can sharpen your resume, helping you be a more in-demand job candidate as well as increasing your earning potential.

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